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Ready to 

fall in love?

Highly Fragranced. Long lasting. Nontoxic. What's not to love?!

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Ethereal Luxury Collection

adj. 1. light, airy, or tenuous: 2. extremely delicate or refined.

Blue collar crunchy mom meets sophistication in our newest collection of carefully curated luxury scents in a minimalistic vessel that gives us all the fancy feels!

Core Collection

Fun. Playful. Uplifting. The perfect scents to fill out homes with love, laughter, good memories and good smells! 

Room Sprays

There are just some days we need a quick fix to a smelly situation. Our Haven Sprays are the crunchy version of air fresheners-

all the smells without all the yucks.

Wax Warmers

For the mom who wants a beautiful smelling home, but isn't quite comfortable with an open flame- this is the answer to your prayer! Pair with our hand poured (nontoxic) wax melts and it's a match made in Heaven!

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