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Crunchy Mama Candles

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Hi- I'm Allie- the mama behind the candles.

Texas girl, wife to Hercules, mama to three blue-eyed babies.

I am a self-proclaimed candle aficionado with the budget of a SAHM,

I combined my love of candles with my growing appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, and

Crunchy Mama Candles was born!

I am on a mission to make safe, fun, fragrant home fragrance products to show the world that you can have your cake and eat it too! Or in this case- your home *can* be toxin-free and still smell like the haven of your dreams!



Crunchy Mama Candles was created to bridge the gap between “mainstream” home fragrance products and the growing community of people who have felt the need to give up the use of candles because of the toxins so widely used in store bought products…

We’re here to help debunk the misconception that “crunchy” lifestyles are boring and dull.

Because we as a community understand just how rewarding and FUN this lifestyle can be!

What Your Friends and Neighbors are Saying...

"I just love the heart behind this company as much as the candles! I am thankful for their desire to make candles that are more natural!"

Rachel P.

"...Beach Linen smells like clean laundry on the coast and is absolutely lovely! I love not having to worry about all the junk burning into the air..."

Amanda S.

"Love love LOVE my candle! It has the whole house smelling AMAZING! Pumpkin Snickerdoodle is the first one I've tried and now I need them all!"


"...My house smells absolutely delicious, even with four very active kids running around! 10/10 recommend!"


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