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Essential Oils in Candles: Crunchy or Crazy?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Should you use essential oil candles in your home?

No doubt you've heard at least one person mention the hazards of burning traditional candles, and how they are chock full of harmful toxins that fill your home (and lungs) as you burn them. You may have even heard them suggest finding candles scented with essential oils, touting them as a safer alternative to those store-bought candles.

But are essential oil candles truly as safe as people believe they are?

What do essential oil manufacturers say?

During our research and development stage, we reached out to one of the leading essential oil manufacturers to see if they had any advice or guidance on using essential oils in candles. We were rather surprised with their quick response. A straightforward reply of "We do not recommend burning essential oils in candles" left us questioning everything we had planned thus far.

But why not? What makes it so hazardous to burn essential oils?

Glad you asked! A simple explanation as to why we believe it's best to avoid essential oil candles: when some essential oils are heated, the compounds can be damaged, completely changing the chemical composition of the oil. When candles are poured, the temperature of the wax ranges from 185*-200*, much hotter than the recommended temperature of 98* (the average body temperature). Soy wax needs to be heated to 185* in order to allow any fragrance oils to bind with the wax, otherwise the candle will not properly perform.

Since we are not licensed aromatherapists and don't have unlimited time to test each formulation, we thought it wise to not "play with fire" (pun intended) and leave that to those that have the knowledge and skill to create quality fragrances. Our fragrance oils have been formulated by candle scientists to ensure the safest performance possible, giving you peace of mind knowing your loved ones aren't being exposed to harmful toxins while you still get to enjoy your favorite candles.

So, what's the best non-toxic candle?

If you take a moment to research, you'll see that beeswax is the cleanest-burning wax available, with pure soy wax coming in second. Unfortunately, beeswax can be on the pricier side, so we decided to go with soy wax. That's why our soy wax is the purest available, free from additives and unnecessary ingredients. The end result- an array of clean burning soy wax candles that fit into most budgets!

Ready to swap your store-bought candles for a cleaner option? Click the link below to browse our catalog!

Have a question?

*DISCLAIMER- this information can easily be found on Google or DuckDuckGo. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and must decide for themselves whether or not the risk is greater than the reward.


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