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Rest sounds all fine and dandy, but HOW can we actually implement it?!

Oh, hey there! Is it just me or is time just flying by at warp speed?! This last week I've really been chewing on this whole concept of rest- what it might look like, how to actually apply it, and all that jazz...

One thing, though... I think it's super important to acknowledge that we as a whole have been programmed to think of rest in two very specific ways. Rest is usually portrayed as simply getting some sleep (very important, but not the end all be all.), aaaaaand it's typically cast in a selfish, negative light. When utilized properly, rest is neither selfish nor simply sleeping. It's restoring balance to different aspects of your life.

Ok, so HOW can we add elements of rest to our crazy busy lives??? Glad you asked!

  1. Give yourself permission to rest... I know, I know... That seems a bit odd. But when we tell ourselves we are allowed to do something it helps "lessen" the guilty feeling (in a utopian world we would feel NO guilt, but hey- we gotta start somewhere)...

  2. Evaluate what type of rest you need. Some days that nap is the number... Sometimes an electronics-free weekend does the trick... Take a few minutes to slow down and reflect on which part of you feels most in need of some R&R and go from there. Remember- sleep isn't ALWAYS the answer (unless you're an exhausted toddler mom- then it most likely is!).

  3. Add it to your calendar! This may seem kinda silly or "over the top", but it's a sure-fire way to make it happen. Whether it's a weekend getaway, an afternoon nap, or an hour in the evening sipping some wine and reading your favorite book- pencil it in!

  4. DO THE THING. Stick to the plan and even if it's one of the hardest things you've done to date- rest! Unplug and recharge. As you become better at implementing rest it will get easier to quiet that inner voice that's screaming at you to GET BUSY.

  5. Give yourself grace. It will not always be easy. There might be times when you just cannot follow through and that's ok, as long as you get back up and try again next time. In the words of my favorite speaker- "Fail forward"!

I'd love to hear how YOU plan to incorporate some R&R into your schedule, so drop a comment and share! Maybe you can inspire someone else!

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