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Is your laundry soap as clean as you think?!

Laundry… The never-ending chore we all dread… Mountains of clean and dirty clothes seem to grow out of nothing, and jeer at us as we go about our days… 😝

But although we all dread this chore, we looooove that clean and fresh smell! I think it’s a reminder of a job (at least mostly) well done. 😉 Because let’s be realistic here- who ACTUALLY washes, dries, and puts away all the laundry in one day?!

But did you know?! Our beloved clean smelling laundry detergent and dryer sheets could be causing mayhem in our families??? Most detergents are laden with artificial “fragrances” that have been shown to be endocrine disrupters, which in turn are linked to some MAJOR health hazards like birth defects, infertility, obesity- the list goes on.

I’ve gradually switched my family’s cleaning supplies (as the budget allows) over the last couple of years, and although I’m loving the clean cleanness, my husband has lamented recently that he misses the SMELLS clean part.

So I went a-digging and found this brand HIGHLY recommended in the crunchy circles! I’m so excited to get it today, because wouldn’t you know- tomorrow is laundry day! 🥴

So although I can’t say how well we like this new product just yet, I CAN say that it smells fresh and clean!! And it looks like it’ll last us a decent while! I will be sure to update on our social media platforms, so be sure to follow those for updates!

Till next time! 😘

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