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6 Simple Self Care Ideas

you can implement NOW!

I was 12 years old when I flew for the first time. I was going on a trip with my mom to visit family, flying from Texas to Wisconsin.

I remember listening to the flight attendant going over all the protocols, but when she got to the part about the oxygen masks- I couldn't wrap my mind around it. How selfish of someone to put their own mask on first, and not help the person next to them... so I asked my mom. Isn't it better to help the people around us before we take care of our own needs?! Her answer was surprising, and it took me years to realize that the best thing I could do in that situation would be to put my mask on FIRST, because an oxygen deprived Allie wouldn't be as helpful as a breathing one. 😅

Confession: It has taken me quite awhile to embrace the idea that taking care of myself is not necessarily a selfish thing to do. When it comes from a healthy mindset, and has boundaries, self care is a crucial component of a healthy, happy life!

As a busy mom, I acknowledge that it can be difficult to find and set aside time to do things for ourselves. But when we don't make that a priority, we lose some of the pizzazz that makes us the spectacular humans that we were created to be.

So how can we actually start to implement a few ideas to take better care of ourselves, WITHOUT carving out hours or shucking out moolah??? 😉

Check out these 6 simple things that are budget-friendly or freeee and can be implemented asap.

No. 1 - Drink WATER

Nope, coffee doesn't count! We're looking for straight up H2O. Aim for half your body weight in ounces per day. Feeling extra?! Dissolves a pinch of Celtic salt on your tongue before drinking a glass for better hydration!

No. 2 - Get Some Sun

Did you know that vitamin D (aka sunshine) is a necessary vitamin for simple bodily functions like going to the bathroom?! It also helps increase serotonin, so soak up some rays for a free mood booster!

No. 3 - Get Grounded

Although every parent has joked about being the one who's grounded for a week, that's not quite what we mean. 😂 Grounding (aka earthing) is the practice of realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting with the earth. In layman terms- standing in the grass or dirt with bare feet. Trust us, it feels better than it sounds! 😉

No. 4 - Don't Skip Meals

Maybe I'm the only mom who looks up and realizes I've missed lunch... And when I do, I grab the nearest food source (hello kids snacks) and chow down. But when I actually stop to eat lunch, my mood stays balanced, the kids snacks are unharmed, and I don't have to battle guilt for binging on a week's worth of Pringles. 😝

No. 5 - Light A Candle

There's something so calming about a beautifully scented candle. With every whiff, I am centered and soothed, and can't help but smile. Aaaaand we happen to know where you get get some awesome ones! 🙃 So remember- life isn't a practice run. Burn the candle. 😘

No. 6 - Turn Up the Tunes

What's the one song that gets you swaying? What playlist has you belting out a ballad like no one's watching? Music is known to boost our happy hormones while helping to lower stress hormones, so... Crank. It. Up. 🎵

Cheering you on, my friend!

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