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A Mom’s Confession (of sorts 😅)

Last night, after the toddler went to bed and the bigs were enjoying the remainder of their one day of the week to play xbox- I got one glorious hour to relax on the couch…The momentary struggle raging in my head on how to use that time was an intense moment, but the book worm in me won out, and I delved into an antique book I had started months ago.

*A little background story- Hercules (aka my husband) literally spent HOURS last year researching this authoress I told him I wanted to eventually add to our library, tracked down several of her books (quite possibly first editions!) dating around 1860… If I didn’t already love him infinitely, I would have last Christmas!!! BEST. GIFTS. EVER!!!!!

But it was just so refreshing to put aside a device we as a society are addicted to, and choose a slower, more restful and calming pastime. It helped me remember the girl that would voraciously read entire books in mere hours. The countless adventures I had as I read the works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, and so many others.

It also gave me pause to reflect- how often do my kids see my face glued to a screen versus buried in a book?! How can I encourage them to sharpen their minds in the classics, if I myself don’t make that a priority to model for them?

I know, I know- what on earth does this have to do with candles or crunchy mom stuff?! 😅

Simply this… If we want better for our kids, we need to prioritize doing better for ourselves. If we want them to learn the skill of putting technology in its proper place, we need to be able to put the phone down. If we want them to learn how to dance in the rain, we have to let them see us embrace the clouds. Because we all know the saying…

“Actions speak louder than words.”

So here’s to a new week, a fresh opportunity for us to make wiser choices, set better examples, burn cleaner candles (there’s that pitch you’ve been waiting for! 😉), and LIVE the life we used to pray for…


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